The secret behind our cakes and cheesecakes is being true to Lisa's American heritage, growing up on the East Coast and experiencing the wonderful diners and delicatessens that are so renowned. 
Growing up in Maryland which is only 200 miles south of New York, influenced and shaped her recipes for authentic New York Cheesecakes - from the standard cheesecake to wonderfully uniquely flavoured cheesecakes. 
Again, our cakes and cheesecakes are authentically American. We have taken traditional recipes from across the states and The Yummy Yank’s twist on every delicious bake and cake we make. 
Lisa’s signature Cake/Cheesecake combination cakes are a sight to behold and a treat for your tastebuds. They will certainly have you coming back for more. Cake/Cheesecake combo cakes come in three or four 9” round layers or three or four layers in a rectangular sheet cake. They can always go higher, but they cannot be made into a two layer cake. 
All other layer cakes come in two, three or 4 layer 9” round and the same in a rectangular sheet cake. Again, we can always go higher if needed. 
Our cakes range from £35 to £150 and above with various sizes and prices in between and can feed from about 16 people to 100 people, again depending on size of cake and generosity of size of slice. 
Sadly, we cannot send our layer cakes or cheesecakes through the post. They'd be delicious in any condition, but we do want you to appreciate them in all of their glory. The only crumbs we want you eating are the ones left over on your plate after a perfect slice. 
Please ring or email if you are interested in finding out more information about our cakes. Contact Lisa on 07919 365 931 or 
Of course you can reach us by various forms of social media as well. @theyummyyank on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. 
N.B. Our products are made in a kitchen where there are traces of peanuts, nuts and sesame. 

A selection of our cakes 

We can put our hands on our hearts and say in all honestly that this is the best Carrot Cake we have ever eaten. Lisa adds walnuts, pineapple, coconut and carrot to this chunky cake of deliciousness, never raisins as Lisa doesn’t like them in desserts. Frosted in traditional cream cheese frosting and topped with walnuts, this cake will have you coming back for more. 
Layers of moist cake loaded with coconut and coconut milk, frosted with a coconut marshmallow frosting and covered in toasted coconut. A coconut cake which actually tastes of coconut. A taste of the Islands in every bite. Frosting flavour can be changed. A cream cheese frosting works nicely with this cake too. 
When chocolate meets chocolate and then meets more chocolate. Super moist, super chocolatey, super delicious. It is what it says on the label. Layers of chocolate sponge surrounded by deep, dark chocolate frosting and drizzled in chocolate ganache, then topped with dark chocolate pieces. Perfect for the chocolate lover in your life. 
There's no denying the delicious taste of bananas in this cake. Each gorgeous layer is loaded with fresh bananas and frosted in either a Caramel frosting or Cream Cheese frosting with sliced bananas between every gorgeous layer. We drizzle this cake with chocolate ganache and caramel and top with chocolate covered toffee pieces and dried bananas. Toppings may vary. It’s almost too good for words. 
A taste of sunshine in every mouthful. Lemon flavour prevails in every mouthful of this fabulous cake. The juice of fresh lemons, combined with lemon curd, lemon syrup and a Limoncello or lemon buttercream brings citrus heaven to the lucky person eating it. May be topped with fresh blueberries and lemon zest, depending on season. 
This cake is traditionally Southern American and is seen in diners across the states. It’s been around for generations. Traditionally deep red in colour, this wonderful cake is basically a vanilla cake with a little hint of cocoa. It should never be a chocolate cake, just that wonderful subtle undertone of cocoa in every bite. Frosted in a traditional Cream Cheese frosting and topped with Red Velvet crumbs. 
Truly an All American Cake and one of Lisa’s all time favourites. Layers of moist vanilla sponge sandwiched between either fresh vanilla bean whipped cream and fresh strawberries or a strawberry buttercream (either liqueur based or not), topped with more fresh vanilla bean whipped cream and whole strawberries. It can be a naked cake as pictured or frosted completely. We prefer this cake when British strawberries are in season, but can make it any time. Other berries can be substituted. 
This bundt cake is a family recipe from Lisa’s favourite aunt. Lisa has taken this recipe and added her own little twist as she does, without changing the ethos on which this cake was created. It’s loaded with vodka and Amaretto and is so moist and delicious. Lisa adds an Amaretto glaze and tops it with pistachios and dried cranberries. It can also be topped with white chocolate and dried cranberries or just glazed. This cake has become a firm favourite both in The Yummy Yank family and with customers. It is wonderful. 

A selection of our cheesecakes 

Lisa is an East Coast girl, so she grew up with New York Cheesecake. This is the real deal. A traditional baked cheesecake encased in a crumb base and side, topped with a sour cream topping. It can have berries on the top if desired, but equally as good plain. These cheesecakes take hours to make and are a labour of love, but worth every minute. An American deli cheesecake has come to the United Kingdom 
The same base as our Triple Chocolate Cheesecake but loaded with spices that would be used in a Mexican based chilli chocolate. Hints of cinnamon and chilli give this gorgeous cheesecake just the perfect amount of heat. Encased in chocolate and ginger crumb and topped with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with chocolate chilli sugar. 
A traditional New York baked cheesecake which has caramel and chocolate swirled in the middle and topped with American peanut butter candies and toffee pieces. More cheesecake batter is added and it is topped with more candies, chocolate ganache and caramel. The cheesecake is encased in a chocolate and plain cookie crumb. This cheesecake has become a favourite in The Yummy Yank household. 
No holding back on the chocolate in this cheesecake. Again, it is a traditional New York cheesecake base loaded with dark chocolate, encased in a chocolate crumb and topped with chocolate ganache. Chocolate Cheesecake magic. 
Loads of chopped Oreo Cookies are added to our New York Cheesecake base. Encased in a chocolate cookie crumb and topped with a sour cream topping and crushed Oreo cookies. A wonderful combination of cookies and cream. 
Still a traditional New York baked cheesecake, this time loaded with creamy peanut butter, encased in a chocolate and plain cookie crumb, topped with chocolate ganache and drizzled with peanut butter. Oh my peanut butter goodness! 
Pumpkin pie in a cheesecake. American pureed pumpkin is added to our traditional New York cheesecake base, along with the spices found in our favourite Autumnal pie. It's encased in a ginger and plain cookie crumb and is topped with whipped cream and pumpkin seeds. So delicious! Seasonal only. 

A selection of our cake/cheesecake combos 

We take 2 layers of Lisa’s Red Velvet Cake and add to that 1 or 2 layers of her baked New York Cheesecake. It is frosted in the same Cream Cheese Frosting and topped with Red Velvet crumbs. Not only is this cake gorgeous to look at, but it is a winning combination of flavours. 
We take 2 layers of Lisa’s Legendary Chocolate Cake and add to that 1 or 2 layers of her baked Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Frosted with the same rich chocolate frosting on the Legendary Chocolate Cake, drizzled with chocolate ganache and peanut butter and topped with Peanut Butter M&Ms and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Candy toppings may vary and cake can be frosted in peanut butter frosting as well. 
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