As my new website is done, the online shop is now live and my rebranding is complete, it's time to resume my blog which I started many years ago. I always enjoyed writing it, I don't know why I stopped really. Nonetheless, it's time to resume. 
Over the last 10 years, The Yummy Yank has gone from strength to strength, growing in ways I never thought possible. I am both shocked, humbled and proud. 
I was one of the first to start the movement of brownies and American desserts over here in the UK, before everything American became trendy. One of the things that certainly set The Yummy Yank apart from other brownie/dessert producers is that I am actually American. My products are truly authentic, as am I. In 20 years of being in the U.K., my accent has never left me and my desserts have always reflected who I am and where I come from. 
Many of you know me and Mr Yummy from many years of doing farmers markets and food festivals in and around Yorkshire. You have experienced The Yummy Yank firsthand and know what makes our products unique. 
Now we are beginning to go further afield. We are doing more festivals across the country and with our new online shop shipping nationwide, many more of you will be able to experience firsthand, the deliciousness that is The Yummy Yank. We can't wait to meet you, be it in real life, at an event near you or through the website or social media. Whichever way it is, please come say hey, even if it is through a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post. Your love of our products can always make my day very special. I hope our products make your day special as well. 
Have a good day all and thanks for reading. 
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