One of the things that sets The Yummy Yank apart from other bakers is the size of our brownies/desserts and the quality in every single bake. It is the single most important aspect in our desserts. Full stop! 
Quality defines us. It reflects my background, upbringing and culture. I have never, from the very birth of The Yummy Yank and will never, with the continuing growth of The Yummy Yank, skimp on quality. 
Yes, admittedly we are more expensive than some other producers, but I am confident that you will understand why with that very first bite. 
With costs of virtually every ingredient rising with every passing week, our ethos stays the same. We cannot bake without pure butter, the best chocolate and, in our nut products, walnuts and pecans. They are necessities in what we do. They continue to increase in price. 
The biggest hit currently that bakers and ice cream makers worldwide are feeling is the rise in the cost of vanilla beans. They have escalated beyond compare. 
I cannot and will not use anything but pure vanilla extract. Since the crop in Madagascar was depleted about a year ago and a devastating cyclone hitting there last March, the price of the vanilla bean has soared. In less than two years, it has risen from $100 a kilo to $600 a kilo. It's not likely to go down any time soon, as vanilla beans are very slow growing, so we may not see relief for another year or two. 
Us independent producers feel this increase quite dramatically. For me, there is no substitute. I cannot tolerate artificial vanilla flavouring, it tastes artificial. Even a good natural vanilla flavouring just isn't the same. Pure vanilla extract is just one example of what goes into my desserts and brownies and I refuse to compromise. I can taste the difference. 
There were two instances recently which proved to me how important pure vanilla extract is in my products. 
I got a vanilla milkshake from a place where I have been getting them for years, an American establishment, one where I loved their milkshakes. I could not drink it. It was so sweet and artificial in taste, so different than their norm. I couldn't figure out why this was the case. Then I had a vanilla ice cream cone, again from a place where I have been getting vanilla ice cream cones for ages. I had to throw it out. It too was overly sweet and fake tasting. It hit me, these places went from using pure vanilla beans to artificial flavouring. It was so noticeable and for me personally, it completely changed these products. 
Even just in the scent of pure vanilla versus the vanilla flavouring, I can detect the difference. I cannot add an artificial taste to anything associated with The Yummy Yank. I have always been about quality, taste and customer service. That will never change. 
I, along with everyone associated with The Yummy Yank, pride ourselves on our reputation and will always hold true to that ethos that has been a part of us from the very beginning. That is a Yummy Yank promise we will always uphold! 
Have a nice day all and thanks for reading. 
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